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Over the years, we are proud to have given thousands of meals to hard hit communities, as part of our ongoing education and sustainability program.

The core fundamental belief of our founders is by working together we can create something good for all and our mission is to bring long-term stability to over 10,000 families.

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The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted that although in life there are many things that set us apart, as a global nation we are all one, regardless of race, gender or religion.

Disasters like the pandemic of 2020 has bought many of us together and shown the importance of coming together and supporting communities.

As a business ARMCON INDUSTRIES has pioneered a partnership for communities close to our hearts to create support and give back to those communities and families that need it most.

“If you have the strength to grow you have the strength to help others grow too.

There is no use in a field with one giant tree, when you can have a field full of trees instead.”


-Tim Connor & Francesca Armstrong


British High Commission

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